built and owned by community

ROUP is owned by the community

ROUP is the key channel for rolling up BRC20 assets to Bitcoin Layer2 trading, initiated by the community and with revenues fed back to the community.

Cutting-edge tech: Reducing BRC20 transaction gas fees by a factor of 100

It possesses cutting-edge technology that sets it apart from any centralized BRC20 bridge using multi-signature technology. That's because Rolluper adopts MAP Protocol's BRC201 standard, which is a secure cross-chain solution that inscribe the bridging details on top of bitcoin and can be traced thoroughly. Rolling up BRC20 tokens to MAP Protocol's second layer transactions will save users more than 100 times the gas fee costs.


Fair Token Distribution: Fairly launched through inscription

Before Rolluper, projects that adopted a fair launch of BRC20 tokens were basically meme coins with few, if any, DApps. Or they were issued on ERC20, with development teams and VCs getting a large number of unfair tokens first. However, Rolluper is one of the few fairly launched BRC20 tokens with a use case. ROUP is Rolluper's BRC20 platform token, with a total issuance of 2.1 billion tokens, and each engraving is limited to 10,000 tokens. The BRC20 community is a community-built ecosystem, and the vast member base is key to the success of a token and a project. In a sense, the larger the scale of engraving, the more success each member of the community will have.


Dazzling BRC20 Tokenomics: Revenue will buy back tokens for destruction until deflation to the last token

Rolluper is a product in short supply in the market, and the BRC20 community suffers from high gas fees. The fee revenue generated by Rolluper will be returned to the community in its entirety, adhering to the principle that Rolluper is owned by everyone. The return methods include buy-back and destruction, among others, with specific ratios to be voted on by all token-holding users after the ROUP engraving is complete. It should be noted, however, that the developer community, as the initial initiators and developers of the project, need to receive at least a 30% share of the fee revenue to motivate them to work better for the community.


Dual Platform Tokens: ROUP and MAPO

MAPO has a wide community popularity, and Rolluper adopts MAP Protocol's eye-opening technology. To express gratitude to the MAP community, we have also listed MAPO as a platform token. However, in the buy-back and destruction activities, MAPO tokens will not exceed 10% of the proportion. It should be noted that the total number of BRC20 MAPO is 21K.

100% Inscribed


Rolluper Launch Date: December 20, 2023

To complete a rollup channel based on the BRC201 protocol, the developer community needs to do the following work, which is estimated to take 7 weeks.

launch beta version with duel way routing(from Bitcoin L1 to Mapo Bitcoin L2/ from Mapo Bitcoin L2 to Bitcoin L1)
Explore and develop rollup solution for other kinds of assets on Bitcoin
Add multichain routing strategies from Mapo Bitcoin L2 to other supported chains via light-client verification network.
Launch Roup v2
Building analytic dashboard and public data API
Develop prototype for native $BTC rollup to Mapo Bitcoin L2
Private and internal test on Roup v2